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BMX historians know that the history of Redline is like the encyclopedia of BMX. Since 1974 Redline has been designing and producing the gear that racers have chosen to dominate BMX tracks around the world. Redline-equipped racers have won countless races, from local moto’s to International Championships, and continue to dominate to this day.

But if you’re more concerned about the future, especially your racing future, then put down the archives and put yourself on a Flight bike. Because the future is now and it’s available in 13 versions, including two state-of-the-sport Carbon Fiber versions. From the Micro to the Pro 24, we’ve designed a perfectly-tuned Flight bike for every racer. The following pages will give you all the reasons why Flight bikes are designed for the serious competitor. When it comes to Flight bikes, you’re either on one, or behind one.  

Redline Flight bikes range from $750 - $1000. We generally do not have a large selection in stock, but can special order most any model.

2014 models are starting to come in. As soon as products details are available from Redline, they'll be posted here. (10-28-13)

Detailed Flight Series SPECS